A few reasons to move in the summer

May 8, 2023

It’s hot… Now I would like to go to the seashore (well, let the pool!) With a cool drink in my hand… And you have a moving ahead. How to decide on it and how to prepare for the season?

But summer is the best time to move with https://www.flashmoving.net/long-distance-movers/. A third of all moves take place in the summer.

First, the days are long – you will complete the move during daylight hours.

Secondly, the weather is mostly dry and warm, and your boxes won’t get wet in the rain, you won’t have to worry about snowdrifts, wet roads and slippery driveways, fog, and rain on move day (summer rains don’t count!). In addition, the transported items will not be damaged by frost, and you will spend less effort on wrapping household appliances and flowers.

Thirdly, this is the time of holidays and vacations, so your loved ones, including children (even younger students) will take part in preparing for the move and disassembling things in a new place.

If you are moving in the summer:

  • If possible, schedule the move in the morning: this is the most comfortable time for the physical work of movers, especially in hot weather.
  • pack strategically: high temperatures are undesirable for some items, such as food. Anything that can melt or deform should be put into the car last, and upon arrival immediately unpacked and placed in a cool environment.