Dismantling and removal of furniture in an office move

December 19, 2022

An office move is always a challenge, whether it’s a three-person office move or the assets of several large divisions of a modern factory. In any case, it is not worth taking on the work on your own, forcing employees to go to work on a day off, in order to preserve the company’s property and avoid damage to interior items due to unprofessional handling of furniture and appliances. The best solution would be to contact specialists who offer office and apartment moving services, which include a number of auxiliary and related works — https://www.flashmoving.net/.

One of the problems that significantly complicate an office move is a large amount of the same type of furniture and property that needs to be disassembled, packed and compactly placed in the car, excluding damage and falling. To this end, the contractor company offers the service of dismantling and disassembling furniture in order to simplify its delivery to a new place of work of the enterprise’s office. Dismantling furniture allows you to solve several important tasks at once, including speeding up the move, reducing the number of vehicles involved in it, and, consequently, the cost of moving, reducing the likelihood of damage to furniture and reducing the consumption of packaging materials designed to protect it from all kinds of damage.

Please note: you can dismantle any furniture, including upholstered and cabinet furniture, cabinets, sofas, and document storage racks. Do not worry that then you will not be able to assemble the disassembled products – this work will also be taken over by the masters involved in the moving process.