How to properly prepare the cabinet for transportation

January 31, 2023

Careful preparation is required before moving the cabinet with movers in boston. First you need to remove those parts that will interfere with transportation. As for small-sized furniture, in this case it is possible to transport it without dismantling. Here you need to take into account the following rules:

During transportation, old furniture can break, so it is necessary to assemble it in stages, and it is best to seek help from specialists.
If you take furniture from chipboard, then for its transportation it is enough just to remove some parts.

The MDF cabinet has plastic fasteners, which during installation help protect against any damage. It is important to take into account the following:

Items and things should be removed from shelves and drawers.
Then you need to remove the shelves, and leave the boxes. Drawers will be needed in order to maintain the rigidity of the frame.
Pieces of furniture should be numbered. This will be required in order to quickly assemble the cabinet in the future.
If possible, remove hooks, handles and pack them separately. It is also important to sign all the parts so as not to confuse.
Leave the doors and do not remove.
Adhesive tape will be required to fix drawers and doors. Masking tape is best, as regular tape leaves marks.
Separately, you should pack the doors with the presence of mirror and glass parts. Here you will also need to number them.

Old furniture is quite bulky, so it is undesirable to disassemble and assemble it often. Modern furniture is much lighter than old-fashioned, Soviet cabinets. It is best to get rid of such furniture, as it takes up a lot of space and has long lost popularity.

Wooden furniture requires special attention, which must be carefully transported. At the same time, dismantling of various elements should be avoided. Expensive wooden furniture requires special care so that it is not damaged during transportation. Movers from the moving company will help in the transportation of such furniture. They provide customers with a special agreement that the safety of items is guaranteed during transportation.